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Business Coaching

Find something where you had not looked before.

Everyone has all the resources he needs for his or her development. If you look at things in this way, every human being can develop herself or himself. In the coaching process, therefore, you always go out of your comfort zone and into the realm of resources, where you discover your abilities to come up with your own solutions. I lead you there by asking the right questions in a cautious, respectful, and honest way. You will learn to look at your issues from different perspectives and apply new options to take action. This, of course, can be somewhat uncomfortable. But to initiate change, the insights have to make an impact.

Executive coaching

If you were successful in your previous position, but when you changed to the new one, did you realize that what helped you have success has now reached its limit? You want to change, and deep down you know what to do, but do you find it difficult to act consistently? You need to give critical feedback, but you feel uncomfortable addressing critical issues? As a coach and executive with many years of experience, I can support you in seeing the big picture again, sensitizing you to your own behavior and restoring your confidence in making the right decisions. That means that your employees will be loyal to you; your goals will be achieved and you will make sure that you also take good care of yourself. In an area that is protected from external influence, you have the opportunity to reflect intensively, uncover uncertainties and contradictions, use your own resources, and ultimately develop your own solutions. How I support you in this process: by being uncomfortable in a respectful way, curious, and empathetic.

A selection of topics we can work on:

• Successfully change positions
• Reactivate resources and strengths in a new environment
• Understand employees and their needs better
• Assist employees in their change processes
• Address critical topics clearly and respectfully
• Establish trust as a prerequisite for leadership
• Handle personal stress situations proactively

Coaching for new executives

Suddenly it appears, your first managerial position. Until now you could convince others of your skills with professional knowledge. Now you are faced with the challenge of leading your first team. Making decisions, setting limits, and dealing with emotions and conflicts are now part of your daily routine. The shift from dealing with the facts to communicating with your team often demands a balancing act between professional, organizational and personal qualifications.

I will support you in establishing yourself successfully in your first management role. As a caring but persevering sparring partner, I encourage you to access your own abilities to create solutions so that you feel increasingly confident in making decisions. You can reflect on your understanding of leadership to create a “self-assured” leadership profile and discover your strengths for greater clarity and security, even in conflict situations. I value communicating on an equal footing, empathy, curiosity and honesty on our common journey.

A selection of topics we can work on:

• Successfully change roles from employee to executive
• Become (more) aware of your own strengths and use them actively
• Reflect on and develop further your own management skills
• Consciously implement the foundations of leadership in your everyday life
• Set limits and position yourself as a leader
• Address critical topics confidently and communicate with others on an equal footing / prepare discussions containing criticism

Self-leadership as the most important leadership skill.

People say that if someone cannot lead himself, he cannot lead at all. In this sense, I understand self-management as the most basic ability from which any leadership expertise is derived. What is really important to me? How can I consciously recognize my emotions and needs and control how I express my emotions? How do I keep my values in mind? How would I like to behave around my employees? And how do I pay attention to my resources and health? Are you currently dealing with these and similar questions? Let’s work on them together.

A selection of topics we can work on:

• Be aware of limiting patterns in your thinking and develop new points of view
• Clarify and integrate your own needs
• Develop more clarity in your personal life and career planning
• Position yourself confidently as a leader
• Remain active and healthy In stressful situations

Mentor coach and coaching supervisor

In addition to my work as a coach, I am a mentor coach, supervisor and trainer at the Calumis Academy in Düsseldorf. Here I support people on their journey to becoming systemic business coaches. I also offer seminars in which participants and graduates of the program can deepen their knowledge of coaching.