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Corporate Learning

Human resources are the greatest capital. But only if you invest in them.

For many years, I have supported organizations in creating ideal enabling conditions for both formal and informal learning. Because qualified employees are key in gaining a competitive edge. My main objective in corporate consultancy is to achieve the highest possible effectiveness in formal training programs. A basic requirement for this is an innovative educational management fostering training programs aligned with corporate strategy and geared to practical implementation while specifically integrating such programs. In my consultancy I focus on four major fields.

Strategy & Portfolio Management

How can formal training programs be derived from corporate strategy and at the same time most effectively support that strategic orientation? A key aspect in achieving this is an active dialogue with the company’s stakeholders to understand where the company is headed and which competencies are required among its employees to implement that strategy.

Learning Design

How can processes and learning designs be designed to facilitate practical implementation and to what extent can formal and informal learning sequences be meaningfully merged? Here, I am trying to find out what needs to be done, from the point of view of training institutes, executives, participants, and trainers in order to actively and sustainably support the practical implementation of classroom exercise.

Learning Leadership

How can executives contribute to creating a fruitful learning environment and, on the other hand, actively support employees in their learning process? Key aspects include the practical relevance of learning and the exchange among team members as well as targeted preparation and following-up on the training program.

Learning Consultants

Due to the growing digitalization learning professionals in the corporate field are facing new challenges every day. Learning increasingly takes place by means of electronic media and new educational services are constantly being developed. As a result, learning professionals are taking on the role of learning consultants facing the task of training employees to use this new technology for effective learning. As a consultant and trainer I assist learning professionals in such change processes and provide them with the necessary coaching and consulting skills.