Training for leaders

Leadership is an aspiration.

But also an acquired skill.

Leadership is not a skill that comes naturally; it has to be learned. Because leadership is a complex process that involves reflecting on our behavior, using tools to back up decisions, communicating with a specific goal in mind, and, at the same time, developing an understanding of employees' needs and capabilities. But leadership is also a question of inner attitude: What is my motivation as a leader? What are my core values and competencies? And what does leadership actually mean?

These are questions that you will find answers to in my training sessions. Owing to my didactic training as a secondary education teacher and my experience as an executive, I know how to support you effectively. Conveying advanced methodological competence that is customized to the individual's needs, a high degree of practical adaptability in the professional realm, and an effective learning experience are just as essential as an individual assessment of the subjects covered in the team and the overall corporate context.

Training for new

Preparation for the first leadership role – a training program for emerging leaders and young executives.


2-3 training modules each lasting 2 days as well as two virtual modules.


  • Reflecting on participants' own understanding of leadership
  • Understanding the interplay between inner attitude and leadership behavior
  • Supporting the conscious change of role to become a leader
  • Getting to know and practicing the most important leadership tools

Subjects covered

  • Concept of modern leadership and leadership styles
  • The transition from employee to leader
  • Expectations of key stakeholders and possible role conflicts
  • Dealing with different personality types
  • Leading virtual teams
  • Communication as the most important tool: active listening, feedback, dealing with "difficult" meetings
  • Other tools: Delegation, prioritization, meetings, employee development, promoting diversity, equity & inclusion

Training for experienced leaders

Improving and honing leadership skills – for senior executives with at least 3 years of leadership experience. In this training we work, among other things, with a seminar actor who simulates meetings from the day-to-day work as a leader and mirrors the participants in their leadership behavior through role reversal.


2-3 face-to-face modules each lasting 2 days as well as an optional 5 hours of individual coaching per participant.


  • Repeating and reinforcing leadership tools
  • Developing specific solutions to participants' cases

Subjects covered

  • Introducing the peer consulting method in Module 1
  • Compiling and working on cases on the basis of peer consulting
  • Developing strategies to deal with difficult employee interactions
  • Honing awareness of personal impact
  • Training sequences with a seminar actor
  • Determining further contents for Modules 2-3 together with the participants
  • Individual business coaching between modules

The leader as coach

Nowadays, leaders can no longer know everything themselves. Instead, the knowledge of many individuals is needed to solve complex problems. That is why today's leaders ideally support their employees in developing their own solutions. The way to achieve this: a coaching leadership style. This training conveys the necessary mindset and tools.


Face-to-face training 2 days, optional individual coaching to ensure transfer.


  • Expanding leadership skills with tools and technologies for a coaching leadership style
  • Honing awareness of the specific challenges facing a leader wishing to use coaching elements
  • Getting to know and practicing key fundamentals in the field of business coaching – attitude, process control, and questioning techniques

Subjects covered

  • Coaching as a development and leadership tool
  • Basics of a coaching leadership style
  • General coaching attitude
  • Coaching questioning techniques
  • Trying out initial techniques on individual development topics
  • Meeting management and process control models

Hogan Assessment Systems

Clarifying goals,
refining self-perception.

Whether to determine strengths and potential, to describe behavior in stressful situations, or to assess your "fit" in a company, if desired I will use a Hogan Assessment in my coaching and leadership training sessions. Hogan Assessments can be used to predict behavior in organizations and the results can be used directly for your desired personal development. The special feature: The only system in the world that uses three perspectives of personality to describe people in the workplace, this personality diagnostic system measures the external image rather than the self-image. That means: In the context of a coaching measure, the use of a Hogan Assessment makes it possible to specify and accelerate the clarification of tasks and goals. In a training session, it offers participants the opportunity to self-reflect more deeply and to better understand their own personality as well as certain response patterns in the work context. Sounds interesting?