My approach to coaching and training

My attitude:
challenging clients in a positive sense.

We are all aware of the fact that no one has ever started a revolution while staying in their comfort zone. Accordingly, I want to challenge you in our coaching sessions, but of course I don't want to overwhelm you. I focus intensively on your issues, critically challenge certain assumptions, and offer you the opportunity to explore new and unfamiliar perspectives. Always in an effective way – but above all: always with your best interests at heart. Challenging you in a positive sense, if you like. And lastly: humor and a light-hearted approach have a permanent place in my coaching sessions. Because intensive personal work is still most effective in a light-hearted atmosphere.

Coaching as a co-creative process

You can only see other people's strengths when you approach them on an equal footing

Coaching is a co-creative process in which I give you valuable insights to see many facets of your reality differently so that you are able to derive your own solutions for your issues. A collaborative partnership, in which I am above all focused on communication as equals. You decide which topics you want to work on and how. I show you different ways of dealing with your issues in a solution- and strength-oriented way. And I quite simply listen to you carefully, pick up on essential aspects, and relay them back to you. This is the only way to gradually create more clarity and transparency as a basis for you to be able to once again deliberately influence all kinds of matters.

Companies that trust in my work (excerpt)

adesso SE
Bayer AG
BNP Paribas S.A. Germany branch
Fairtrade Deutschland e.V.
lekker Energie GmbH
NEW Energie GmbH
rewe group
Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co.
vodafone Deutschland GmbH


Cooperation partners who trust in my work

My motivation

Learning and development are the guiding principles of my life. What sets me apart from others is my great thirst for knowledge and my irrepressible curiosity, paired with my passion for working with people. I have a degree in Social Sciences and Russian (teacher training). I realized that I really enjoyed teaching and working with students, but that working in a school context was too confining for me. Therefore, I embarked on a journey and was able to use both my teaching skills and my Russian language skills in the energy industry.

In my first role, I was responsible for "international training and development programs" at the interface between a German and Russian company. In total, I gained 15 years of experience in HR – as an expert, project manager, and finally as a leader. During this time, I was able to gain an understanding of leadership and teamwork, and about how an international corporation works.

It is said that every good journey leads a person to himself. After my time in Moscow, many other journeys, and numerous encounters with people from foreign cultures, I now know that uncharted territory is my kind of home. Getting involved with the personal map of a client or a team is therefore always an exciting experience for me. My reason for traveling as a coach: to support people in achieving their personal and professional goals.

My qualifications at a glance

  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Systemic Business Coach (German Association for Coaching and Training, dvct)
  • Training in integral organizational development, imu Ausgburg
  • Certification for Hogan Assessments
  • Team developer and team coach, Competence on Top
  • Hypnosystemic Coach & Trainer, CoachTrainerAcademySwitzerland
  • Teaching coach, supervisor and mentor coach at various coaching academies
  • Various courses including in provocative system work, hypno-systemic concepts, systemic structural constellations and the basics of transactional analysis
  • 15 years of international experience as a leader, project manager, and HR expert of a DAX 30 corporation
  • Experience as an expatriate in the HR area in Moscow, Russia
  • 1st and 2nd State Examination, Teacher Training degree in Social Sciences and Russian (Secondary Education)
  • German (mother tongue), English, and Russian (business-level proficiency)